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Pulque comes Age



First we met Tequila.  We came to know her and to love her and sipped her Margaritas. Then we were introduced to Mezcal. He excited our adventourous side. We ate the worm and defined smoky. Now comes Pulque, the third of the agave inebriating libages.

Actually, it hasn’t quite come of age. It’s still trying on the dress, choosing the chaperones, and picking the venue. 

Frommers Guidos Review


The inviting terrace, with director's chairs and rustic wood tables, makes this a restful place in daytime and a romantic spot at night.

Guidos Cozumel


Chef and restauranteur Yvonne Villiger has brought together passion for food, personal service and dedication, to this second-generation Cozumel restaurant established in 1978 by her father Guido´s.

La Tiendita Guido´s Breakfast


A great, relatively new addition to the breakfast choices for Cozumel, is definitely one of the better choices. La Tienda Guido’s has great lunches, an amazing selection of local and imported foods, an impressive deli case and an extraordinary wine and Belgian beer inventory. Now add great breakfasts to that list.

Good Buy on cozumel


As we stumble upon good service providers, a new store, or someone who is doing something a little bit better, we’ll post it here. Here is what we have discovered during the past couple of weeks.

Guido´s at night


Guido’s has what it takes to be a great restaurant. There are no courtyards on Cozumel that are more comfortable, few places with better service and they have a professional kitchen that runs like a finely tuned Porsche.

La Tienda Guido’s Delicatessan


Yvonne Villiger has done it again. Of course, for several years she has taken a venerable Cozumel institution, Guido’s Restaurant, remodeled it and improved upon it. Then she renovated the space above the restaurant into very stylish apartments for vacation rentals.

Guido´s, excelencia en servicio y sabor


La Isla de Cozumel se caracteriza por ser un lugar con una gran hospitalidad y tradición, un verdadero orgullo para sus habitantes y atracción para el turismo nacional e internacional.

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Isla Cozumel

Cuando usted come en Guidos, usted también apoya a la comunidad por medio del patrocinio y apoyo que proporcionamos a varios proyectos que organizamos.

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