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Guidos and the community

When you eat at Guido's you're also supporting the local community through the sponsorship and support we provide to various projects and organizations.

Since it's establishment in 1978, the island local community has faced many precarious situations. Yet, one of the things that makes Cozumel such a wonderful place is its people and their ability to come together during trying times.

At Guido's we are proud to have contributed in a positive way to face these challenges.

This is a list of the organizations and projects we have helped over the years:

  • Cozumel Red Cross
  • Cozumel Humane Society
  • Crysalis Fund for gifted underpriviledged students
  • DIF (Family Development program)
  • Cozumel Carnaval
  • Ciudad de los Angeles Orphanage
  • Aquarama and Marlins swimming teams
  • Tlacuaches Volleyball team
  • Nagules Basketball team
  • Círculo Cultural Arcano art festivals
  • Reef Check
  • Basketball summer camp
  • Teenager networking program
  • Cozumel Lifeguards program
  • Sea Turtle Conservation program
  • Beach Clean-up Campaign
  • México Silvestre Wilderness conservation
  • Cozumel Reefs National Park
  • Jabuguín Software for autistic children

Your patronage allows us to continue wit this work.

We all thank you!

Chrysalis 5K Event

On Sunday February 24th, under partly cloudy skies and a lulling south-southeastern breeze, over 150 people gathered together at Cozumel?s Malec?n to participate in Chrysalis First Annual 5k Race. Among the participants there were professionals and amateurs, men, women and children, locals and visitors, and even a few dogs. As with many events in Cozumel, whole families competed together.

The event received the full support of the Cozumele?an community. Since early morning members of the Island?s Red Cross Chapter, Protecci?n Civil and Seguridad P?blica combined their efforts with the Chrysalis volunteers to put up signage, markings and direct traffic in the busy Avenue. Cozumel?s Major, Aurelio Joaquin, as well as other Local and State Government representatives were present throughout the duration of the event. A co-ed troop of Scouts manned the turn-around point handing water to the competitors.

Thirteen minutes and thirty seconds after the traditional shot marked the beginning of the race the first runner crossed the finish line, followed closely by the second and third, while spectators gathered on both sides of the south-bound lane of the Malec?n clapped and cheered the participants, who continued pouring in, running, trotting and walking. The air was electrified when a family of four, two adults and two kids crossed the finish line holding hands, followed by a few walkers with their dogs and Guido?s Restaurant owner, Yvonne Villiger with her family. Guido?s Restaurant has been an Annual Sponsor of Chrysalis since 1995.

Other forty-five businesses and establishments of Cozumel donated prizes for the raffle that followed the award presentation adding surprise to the excitement. Prizes ranged from dinners at various restaurants to jewelry, desserts, snorkeling equipment, massages, acupuncture treatments and paddle board lessons among others.

The Cozumel Chrysalis group is a non-profit organization that provides scholarships in the form of shoes, uniforms and school supplies to over 250 low income students on the island. The 5k race is the first of its kind organized by Chrysalis and judging by its success, it will not be the last!

Event Pictures

Love, light and laughs... amor, luz y carcajadas.

Myrna Cleghorn

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México Silvestre
Isla Cozumel

The Cozumel Chrysalis group is dedicated to helping as many Cozumel students as possible to complete their basic education. Elementary thru High School.

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One of the finest dining experiences you'll ever have. We've been going here for...

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